Airparamo: Paramotor or Powered Paraglider (PPG) Instruction, Sales, and Service for Arizona.

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Have you often dreamed of taking to the air like a bird? Now you can with a paramotor (also called powered paraglider or PPG). Airparamo is dedicated to helping you achieve your dreams of personal, portable, and affordable flight, offering exceptional paramotor products, instruction, and service.

Airparamo, recognized as one of the leading PPG schools in the world, is located south of Phoenix, Arizona, near the town of Maricopa, we have an incredible facitilty where we offer full-time, year-round service to suit your needs. Mo Sheldon, founder and chief instructor of Airparamo, is an internationally renowned instructor and award winning pilot. Try out this amazing form of personal flight with an unforgetable Discovery Flight and start your journey to the skies.

Dream of Flying? Now you can!

I found Airparamo thru searches on the internet as I contemplated a trip to the Phoenix area. Mo is a great instructor and I feel very comfortable with his guidance and help. I rely on him for advice and support and he is there and quick to respond even though miles away. I am very happy with his support of my equipment, which I bought new from him. Mo gave me the flying nickname "nutcracker" in ground handling training. I found humming the "Dance of the Reedpipes" from the Nutcracker Suite to be a helpful learning aid in practicing transitions from forward to reverse in a flowing manner while I was trying to get the hang of it. Mo tries to teach each student at their own proper pace. Mo won't push you too hard or make you feel uncomfortable, either. I highly recommend the "Airparamo Experience".
"Nutcracker" Ed M.
Detroit, Michigan

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Special Event
Mark your calendar for the 15th Annual Arizona Flying Circus on February 8-11, 2018. It will be hosted at picturesque Motown, an incredible ultralight flight park near Maricopa, Arizona.

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Safety Notice
We will not sell essential paramotor flight equipment (i.e. wings or motor units) to anyone until we have verified that they are current paramotor pilots or have arranged for instruction with a recognized instructor.

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